24, Sep, 2019
The Fashion Insider’s Guide To Buying Bags

The Fashion Insider’s Guide To Buying Bags

So, the satchel conjures a youthful schoolgirl vibe. But the new take here is its elongated silhouette and shorter depth which resembles more of a flap bag. It’s roomy interiors there are two compartments and a zip pocket  makes this the fuss-free piece for work.

Case in point: The off-white leather edges of this calfskin tote. Equipped with four compartments, this tote-slash-briefcase hybrid makes for a handsome and modern pick for the office.

Slim and compact, this structured number is a major throwback to the ’90s when the style was big. But instead of opting for a monogram-printed one like how it was big back then, go for a piece that has a more pared down design, like this powder pink style. Goes perfectly with T-shirts and pants combinations.

The key word here is subtlety. The chicest way is to opt for tone-on-tone embellishments like the floral embroidery on this shoulder bag which match the colour of the latter. After all, details like these are meant to accent, not overpower your accessory.

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