18, Oct, 2019
Shopping Bags

Shopping Bags

Well, how about some bags that are so cool you’ll be excited to carry them? Check out these reusable shopping bags in chic styles that are, you know, unforgettable.

Created in Cambodia, these tote bags are made from recycled cement and feed packaging. They come in different sizes and styles; from simple, unlined square totes to 6 bottle wine totes.

Simple and practical, Baggu’s canvas shopper comes in a variety of cool prints and is made from 100% recycled cotton. This brand has a hip minimalist aesthetic and I love the idea of mixing multiple prints and colours for a big trip to the grocery store.

Another Baggu product I couldn’t leave out is the standard Baggu bag. This little nylon bag folds into a 5×5 inch pouch, but it can hold 50 pounds worth of stuff. Oh, and it comes in this ridiculously adorable dog print.

Handcrafted in Bangladesh and California, this large jute bag is hip, high quality, and convenient. From the brand Apolis, it was produced in a manner that provides fair opportunities for all involved individuals.

The L.L. Bean Open Tote reminds me of childhood trips to the beach when my mother filled our tote bag with towels, snacks, and sunscreen. It is a classic bag, one I would proudly carry my groceries in. Especially since L.L. Bean’s products are handcrafted in Maine and the company has made strides in its environmental commitment.

The best part about string bags? They can be small and lightweight enough to fit into your purse, but they expand to hold up to 40 pounds of food. This particular bag from ECOBAGS is made with natural cotton and was produce using fair labor.

This nylon tote from Kate Spade is the antithesis of the “hippie market bag.” It features posh and preppy polka dots, plus it can be rolled into an extremely small size (perfect for fitting into your other Kate Spade purse, if that’s your style).

Big enough to hold all of your groceries, these handmade bags are strong, durable, and highly stylized. Another plus? They’ll probably prevent you from purchasing too much junk food. After all, you’d feel like a sucker if you piled up your “GREEN” bag with chips and Oreos.

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