19, Oct, 2019
What Goes into a Go Bag

Author: burchOutlet

The incident, which did not result in any bystanders being injured but did lead to the temporary evacuation of an apartment complex, drove home to Kretzer the need for all families to have a survival bag they can grab in an emergency. “You can be asked to evacuate your home […]

Recurrent non-specific low back pain (NSLBP) affects 13 to 40 % of adolescents worldwide . Lately, it has gained considerable research attention largely because of adverse consequences such as increased medical attention, school absenteeism, functional disability and chronic pain evolving into adulthood . A recent study conducted in Zimbabwe by Chiwaridzo […]

The thought of having to evacuate your home due to a sudden and imminent threat is not at all unrealistic.  The reality is that sudden and uncontrollable events of nature and man do happen.  Natural disasters such as hurricanes, storms, earthquakes, floods and volcanic explosions can strike fast and hard–wreaking […]